Brackett's Sunburst






 GCH Brackett's Sunburst Moonlight

                                                                                           Dionysius Carmela's San Martin
                                                                 GCH Canyon- View Mary's Maestro
                                                                                            GCH Canyon-View Mary inthe Morning
                                 Rowe's Maestro Cypress
                                                                                           Powder Horn PTB Buckeye RS
                                                                GCH Rowe's Buckeye Carnation
                                                                                            Rowe's Landmark Camelia
     GCH Brackett's Sunburst Moonlight    181294686
                                                                                            Sunshine Jill Jestor
                                                                 LDP Jesse
                                                                                            McDarmitch Weani
                                Brackett's Sunburst MS Grande
                                                                                            Redbird US Just Capone
                                                                Kik's-Kids Sunburst
                                                                                            Rusty's-Does Zoe


GCH Brackett's  Sunburst Moonlight  2*M
D.O.B. 3/16/04

~Additional Photos~

2008 5-year-old 3rd freshener

~Basic Information~

Moonlight is one of our herd's foundation Toggenburg does. She is a very impressive doe that commands attention and produces the same in her progeny. She excels in femininity, body capacity, and mammary system. She is very straight from hock to pastern, well-ribbed, very dairy, and has very good shoulders. She is wide throughout with stature that dominates a show ring. Moonlight is a Rowe progeny and shows it! Moonlight easily finished her championship as a first fresher.

~Show Wins~

Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association- GCH
Walworth Co. Goat Association- GCH
Racine County Agricultural Society- GCH and BIS
WI State Fair- BOB
ADGA Nationals- 2nd

Stateline Goat Association - BIS
Wisconsin State Fair Toggenburg Specialty Show- BOB

Nationals- 4th place

Wisconsin State Fair- 3rd Champion Challenge

Coming Soon!

~Linear Appraisal~

General Appearance: E
Dairy Character: E
Body Capacity: E 
Mammary: E
Final Score: 91

General Appearance: V
Dairy Character: E
Body Capacity: E
Mammary: E
Final Score: 90

~Type Evaluation~



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