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 SGCH 10*M Body-Shops SB Polenta

                                                                                           SG Body-Shops Adolpha's Retsina
                                                                 SG Y-Knot Retsina's Time To Dance
                                                                                            GCH Sunlyn Irish Dancer
                                 SG Y-Knot Time's Blackjack
                                                                                           SG Highwater Aladdin
                                                                SG Sunlyn Aladdin's Blackberry
                                                                                            GCH Sunlyn Black In Time
     SGCH 10*M Body-Shops SB Polenta    AB1195724
                                                                                            SG F.D.F-Pleasant-Fields Nick
                                                                 SG Tonka-Tails Lincolnshire Lad
                                                                                            SGCH Tonka-Tails Kendall Rae
                                Body-Shops PLL Semolina
                                                                                            Body-Shops LZB Longjohn
                                                                SG Body-Shops CLLJ Penne
                                                                                            SGCH Body-Shops Chik'n Littles


SGCH 10*M Body-Shops SB Polenta
D.O.B. 4/7/01

~Additional Photos~

2008 7-year-old 5th freshener

~Basic Information~

Polenta is one of our farm's foundation does that was one of the first nice Oberhasli we had that we purchased from Body-Shops. She was the Reserve Junior Champion Doe at the 2001 National Show, and she has been the Champion Oberhasli Milking Competition Winner at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2003,2004, and 2005, with a one day test of 21.8 points. She apraised FS 88. Polenta is an ADGA "Elite Doe" with most of her progeny being Champions or Grand Champions. "Ole Polenta" has produced some of the nicest animals on our farm. Polenta's pedigree is an old one, but a good one. She is out of the influential buck, SG Y-Knot Time's Blackjack. She also has Kendall Rae in there, an ADGA National Champion, and the best of Body-Shops and Sunlyn. Up and down her pedigree are SG animals.  Polenta is a doe that shows a lot of strength and passes her beautifully wide escutcheon to her progeny. She's also a heavy milker and passes it to her offspring, as seen in Minuette, now Waltz, now Mercedes! Polenta is definitely a treasure that we were lucky to obtain. Polenta spent the last couple years of her life retired from the showring and sadly passed away in labor in 2011.

~Show Wins~

Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association- GCH and BIS
ADGA Nationals- Junior Reserve Grand Champion
Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association- GCH
Minnesota State Fair- GCH

Walworth County Fair- GCH
Racine Co. Fair- GCH
Walworth County Goat Association- RGCH

Walworth County Goat Association- RGCH

Blue and Gold Show Committee- 2x GCH
Walworth County Goat Association- RGCH
Racine County Fair- GCH

ADGA National Show- 2nd in the Aged Doe Class with 2nd place Udder. She was in the Reserve Grand Champion line-up.
Wisconsin State Fair- 3rd place in Champion Challenge, and she lost to her herdmates Sindesis and her Grandaughter Waltz.

~Linear Appraisal~

General Appearance: V
Dairy Character: E
Body: V
Mammary: V
Final Score: 88

~Type Evaluation~


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