Brackett's Sunburst






 SGCH 11*M Brackett's Sunburst Minuette

                                                                                           SG F.D.F-Pleasant-Fields Nick
                                                                 GCH Body-Shops MN Hershey Bar
                                                                                            Body-Shops CHM Macaroon Frappe
                                 CH Hazelridge-Farm Alexander
                                                                                           All-Thorpes Trace
                                                                CH Hazelridge-Farm Angel's April
                                                                                            Hazelridge-Acres Annies Angel
     SGCH 11*M Brackett's Sunburst Minuette    AB1297897
                                                                                            SG Y-Knot Retsina's Time to Dance
                                                                 SG Y-Knot Time's Blackjack
                                                                                            SG Sunlyn's Aladdin's Blackberry
                                SGCH Body-Shops SB Polenta
                                                                                            SG Tonka-Tails Lincolnshire Lad
                                                                Body-Shops PLL Semolina
                                                                                            SG Body-Shops CLLJ Penne


SGCH 11*M Brackett's Sunburst Minuette
D.O.B. 5/9/04

~Additional Photos~

~Basic Information~

Minuette quite easily finished her championship as a first freshening 2-year-old. She linear appraised a 90 VEEE and was 7th place at Nationals in 2006 with first place udder! She has been Best of Breed and has won the milking competition two years in a row at the Wisconsin State Fair. She has also been Best In Show at the Walworth Co. Goat Show in Wisconsin. She has won the Oberhasli Swiss Belle Award with a one day milk test of 22.9 points.  She was very ill with pseudomonas mastitis, and her udder was pretty much destroyed for showing, although we did take her to the 2008 WI state fair where I am very pleased to say she was DHIR Oberhasli milking competion winner, even though her udder was not fully fuctional. Her 2008 LA scores were VEEA 85. She did pretty good considering she nearly died a few months before. Thank you Dr. Duemler for all the advice on treating  pseudomonas. It looked pretty hopeless for quite awhile. Unfortunately, Minuette could not fight the mastitis any longer and passed away in 2009.

~Show Wins~

Grand Champion at Racine Co Fair in WI.
  BIS at Walworth County Goat Show in WI. as a first freshner.
7th place at Nationals with first place udder!
BOB at Wisconsin State Fair
Top Oberhasli Milker at Wisconsin State Fair

BOB at Wisconsin State Fair
Top Oberhasli Milker at Wisconsin State Fair

At the Wisconsin State Fair, Minuette was the 4th place Champion Challenger and only lost to her
herdmates Sindesis, Waltz, and Polenta.
DHIR Oberhasli Milking Competion Winner at WI State Fair!

~Linear Appraisal~

General Appearance: V
Dairy Character: E
Body Capacity: E
Mammary: E
 Final Score: 90

~Type Evaluation~


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