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 SGCH 1*M Cream-Of-Kansas' TD Sindesis

                                                                                           F.D.F.-Pleasant-Fields Macco
                                                                 FDF-Pleasant-Fields My Time
                                                                                            Sunlyn FDF Four Time
                                 Cream-Of-Kansas' Time Delay
                                                                                           One*Oak*Hill Pecan Accord
                                                                Nu-Life Delight
                                                                                            Sunlyn FDF Three Time
     SGCH 1*M Cream-Of-Kansas' TD Sindesis    AB1372060
                                                                                            SG Body-Shops HMT Cayenne
                                                                 Y-Knot Cayenne's Sinapore
                                                                                            Laramar Simply Smashing
                                CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Sinhart
                                                                                            Tonka-Tails Jack of Hearts
                                                                FDF-Pleasant-Fields Ahart
                                                                                            F.D.F.-Pleasant Fields Abiram



SGCH 1*M Cream- of- Kansas TD Sindesis
D.O.B. 5/8/06

~Additional Photos~

2008 2-year-old 1st Freshener

2010 4-Year-Old 3rd Freshener at Nationals

~Basic Information~

Sindy was the 2006 Spotlight Sale Doe. Sindy kidded with to quadruplets for her first freshening. She ended up having a beautiful, capacious udder. Sindesis completed her championship as a first-freshener, earning 3 milking legs. She has a very wide rump, and she is level across the topline. She has lots of depth to her body and has a very feminine look with a long elegant neck. On Sindy's first milk test DHIR for 2009 she milked 19.9 lbs and scored AAA at one month fresh!!! Sindy was in the 97th percentile in the nation on ADGA's Elite Doe list. Sindy has excellent genetics, with animals like Nu-Life Delight, and has done well for our herd with her daughter Sinderella. Sindy was awarded the High Individual Production Award for the Oberhasli Breed at the 2010 ADGA National Show. Sindy was sold to Welbian-Farm of New York in June 2010. She is now deceased.

~Show Wins~

Sindy was RGCH at the Northern Lights Goat Association Show.

At the Wisconsin State Fair, Sindesis was the Oberhasli Grand Champion and BOB.  Sindy also won the Oberhasli Milking competion and finished as a first freshner.  All the records on DHIR show Sindy as a straight AAA Milking doe.
She starred on a one day test at WI. State Fair.
Marshfield WI. Grand Champion
WI. Stateline Goat Assoc. Grand Champion
WIS-IL Spring Classic Grand Champion

2nd place Champion Challenge at WI State Fair

ADGA Nationals- 9th
High Individual Production Award at ADGA Nationals

~Linear Appraisal~

General Appearance: V
Dairy Character: V
Mammary: V
Final Score: 88

~Type Evaluation~


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