Brackett's Sunburst






 SGCH 12* M Brackett's Sunburst Waltz

                                                                                           SGCH Tonka-Tails Court Jester
                                                                 SG White-Haven Sousa
                                                                                            GCH White-Haven Kalliope
                                 CH Brackett's Sunburst Artero
                                                                                           SG Y-Knot Time's Blackjack
                                                                SGCH Body-Shops SB Polenta
                                                                                            Body-Shops PLL Semolina
     SGCH 12* M Brackett's Sunburst Waltz    AB1380212
                                                                                            Body-Shops MN Hershey Bar
                                                                 GCH Hazelridge-Farm Alexander
                                                                                            Hazel-Ridge Farm Angel's April
                                SGCH Brackett's Sunburst Minuette
                                                                                            SG Y-Knot Time's Blackjack
                                                                SGCH Body-Shops SB Polenta
                                                                                            Body-Shops PLL Semolina


SGCH 12*M Brackett's Sunburst Waltz
D.O.B. 4/27/06


~Additional Photos~

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~Basic Information~

 Waltz is a extremely level goat from her loin to her tail. She has a wide and level rump, is perpendicular from hock to pastern, and is very strong on her pasterns. She has a large barrel and a lot of depth to her body with openess of ribs and is very dairy. She easily finished her championship after the first 2 shows she went to, as a two-year-old milker and a first time freshener!  Waltz has a beautiful smooth fore udder, with no pocket. She also has that beautiful deep, dark red that stands out in the showring. Waltz had a difficult and unexpected case of mastitis that destroyed half her udder, unfortunately knocking her out of the show ring for good. Waltz has a great pedigree with SG White-Haven Sousa who LA'd 92EEE recently, SGCH Body-Shops SB Polenta, the 2001 Reserve National Junior Champion, and such influential bucks as Court Jester and Blackjack. Her background is full of SGCHs and heavy milking lines. We are saddened that we will never be able to show this beautiful goat again, but she has provided us with wonderful progeny, such as Dotty's Dairy Air Mercedes, who went 1st place and 1st place udder at the 2010 ADGA National Show, as well as Brackett's Sunburst Crimson, who was the 2012 Reserve National Junior Champion. Waltz died during labor in 2013.

~Show Wins~

WIS-IL Spring Classic; Janesville, WI- GCH and BIS.

Portage, WI- GCH 2x and BOB 1x. This finished all her champion legs on her first weekend as a first freshener.
Wisconsin State Fair- 2nd place in Champion Challenge, only loosing to her herdmate Sindesis
Stateline Goat Association- GCH

Linear Appraisal~

General Appearance: E
Dairy Character: E
Body: E
Final Score: 91

~Type Evaluation~


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