Brackett's Sunburst






 Brackett's Sunburst Fox Trot

                                                                                           SGCH Tonka-Tails Court Jester
                                                                 SG White-Haven Sousa
                                                                                            GCH White-Haven Kalliope
                                 CH Brackett's Sunburst Artero
                                                                                           SG Y-Knot Time's Blackjack
                                                                SGCH Body-Shops SB Polenta
                                                                                            Body-Shops PLL Semolina
     Brackett's Sunburst Fox Trot    AB1399420
                                                                                            Seneca Valley's Felix
                                                                 SG Body-Shops Tipsy Cherry Squire
                                                                                            Body-Shops 21 Cherry Pie
                                Brackett's Sunburst Madona
                                                                                            SGCH Brackett's Sunburst Escudo
                                                                SG Brackett's Sunburst Coco Puff
                                                                                            SG Brackett's Sunburst Wine Berry


Brackett's Sunburst Fox Trot
D.O.B. 3/3/2007

~Additional Photos~

2008 Dry Yearling

2009 Dry Two-Year-Old

2010 3-Year-Old 1st Freshener Udder

2010 3-Year-Old 1st Freshener at Nationals

~Basic Information~

Fox Trot is a very angular doe with very sprung ribbing. She excels in length and levelness over the topline, as well as femininity and elegance. Fox Trot is strong on her pasterns and has some of the best feet on the farm! Fox Trot's great granddam was Body-Shops 21 Cherry Pie, whom we think she looks very similar to. She has an Elite granddam, SGCH Body-Shops SB Polenta, and an Elite great grandsire, SGCH Brackett's Sunburst Escudo, as well as six SG's in her background including SGCH Body-Shops Tipsy Cherry Squire and SGCH Tonka-Tails Court Jester. Also, her grandsire SG White-Haven Sousa scored 92 on his LA in 2008. Fox Trot did not settle in 2009, but she freshened finally in 2010. Her udder was very small but had beautiful attachment. Fox Trot belonged to Abby Ball, an FFA-er on the farm and is one of the most loveable good-natured goats we had; she was an excellent showmanship animal.

~Show Wins~

WI-IL Stateline Classic- GCH
Wisconsin State Fair- GCH Junior

ADGA Nationals- 9th of 32
Wisconsin State Fair- RGCH Junior

Wisconsin State Fair- 3rd of 4 in her 2 year old milking class -- without an udder!

ADGA Nationals- 18th
State Fair- 2x 1st place

Racine County Fair- 2nd of 4 (dry!)

~Linear Appraisal~

General Appearance: Ec
Dairy Character: V
Body Capacity: Ec
Overall Rating: Ec

General Appearance: V
Dairy Character: +
Body Capacity: +
Mammary: +
Final Score: 84

~Type Evaluation~


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