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 Brackett's Sunburst Hans

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Brackett's Sunburst Hans
D.O.B 3/19/08

~Additional Photos~

2009 1-year-old

~Basic Information~

Hans is the paternal  brother to Body-Shops 21 Cherry Pie, five time National Champion. (Thank you Karyl Dronen for the semen~the owner and breeder of Cherry Pie.) It's been eleven years since there has been a mix like this! Hans, is very correct, with great length, body capacity,  smooth blending, and elegance.
 Hans is "HUGE" at 19 month old he stands 35" tall at the withers.
His sire, Lyme Kiln SM Hans Michael++*B, stands alone for producing so many National Champions and was the basis for some of the top Oberhasli breeders in the U.S. Some of Hans Michael's produce are Body-Shops 21 Cherry Pie, who set a new Oberhasli standard for the breed. Other National Champions sired by him were Body-Shops Cherry Angel Cake and Body-Shops Blueberry Dumpling. He gave length of body, smoothness of blending, elegance, grace, and udder attachment that was needed to produce top competitive animals. Hans's dam, SGCH Brackett's Sunburst Minuette 11*M. She quite easily finished her championship as a first freshening 2-year-old. She linear appraised a 90 VEEE and was 7th place at Nationals in 2006 with first place udder! She has been Best of Breed and has won the milking competition two years in a row at the Wisconsin State Fair. She has also been Best In Show at the WI-IL Stateline Classic Goat Show in Wisconsin. She has won the Oberhasli Swiss Belle Award with a one day milk test of 22.9 points. Minuette's dam is SGCH Body-Shops SB Polenta 10*. Polenta was the reserve Junior Champion at the 2001 ADGA National Show. She has also been the Champion Oberhasli Milking Competition winner at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2003, 2004, and 2005 with a one day test of 21.8 points. She appraised FS 88. Polenta is an "Elite Doe" with most of her progeny being Champions or Grand Champions!
We are vey excited to see progeny from this buck.
Hans was a 2008 Sire Development Qualifying Buck for the Oberhasli breed! He was sold to Karyl Dronen of Body-Shops in 2010. He is now deceased.

 SGCH Lyme Kiln S M Hans Michael, Hans' Sire

~Show Wins~

Coming Soon!

~Linear Appraisal~

General Appearance: V
Dairy Character:V
Body Capacity: E
Final Score: 87


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